Promote Automation

Reduce manual processes and let the system do the work.

Speed Up

Speed up the process with a 99% accuracy by automating the diagnosis process and reducing manual efforts.

Grow Top Line Revenue

Increase the value of your inbound & outbound to grow your sales.

Better Experience

With 99% accuracy, you surpass customer expectations and increase customer loyalty.


Introducing the latest cutting edge product MoboCheck, powered by Cartlow

Our plug and play solution provides secure data wiping and diagnostic capabilities for devices, guaranteeing the highest level of security standards.

MoboCheck provides flexibility and can be utilized across various models.

  1. Station hub that is accessible at your location.
  2. A mobile app designed for your customers needs.
  3. At Cartlow’s facility with an experienced team to manage.

MoboCheck Features


Highest level of inspection with 99% accuracy

Plug & Play Diagnostics

Plug & Play Diagnostics


Data Erasure

Meeting highest levels of security standards

40+ units Per Hours

Optimized for high volumes


ADISA-certified, clearing all data securely.

Guaranteeing the highest level of security standards through ADISA (Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance).


Cloud Control Panel

Each device you scan will have its results stored in a cloud account that can be accessed through a user-friendly dashboard.


Beyond it’s comprehensive diagnostics capabilities, MoboCheck can also function as a standalone application, accessible on both IOS and Android devices.

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